Jacob Burgos

Executive Intern

Jacob Burgos is the newest intern at MJF Financial. He graduated from Los Alamitos High school this past year and is currently a student at UC Santa Barbara where he studies physics during his breaks from school, 

Jacob interns at MJF Financial where he learns what it means to be a financial advisor. He hopes to get his series 7 license in the upcoming year, and work in the financial industry after college.

When Jacob is not attending class or working, he enjoys spending time at the beach with friends. He is a new member of the Excursion Club at his school, where he goes on hikes, kayaking trips and rock climbing adventures. Jacob is also a big music fanatic and has been playing the guitar since his sophomore year in high school. He enjoys all genres of music, from rap to rock to blues, and some of his favorite musicians are Jack Johnson, the Beatles and Kendrick Lamar.

When not at school, Jacob lives at home with his Mom, Dad and little sister Hannah. Every summer he and his family go on trips together. Some of the places they have gone include: Hawaii, Cabo, Cancun and Florida. Jacob is very close to his family and hopes to one day repay them for all of the support they have given him.